Camper + Surf + Spain + Portugal = Atlantic Surf Route

Atlantic Surf Route has born to put together two passions that get on very well each other: Campervan trips and Surf. Therefore, at Caracolvan, company specialized in Campervan rentals, we have launched this new idea in order to put together these two worlds. That’s why we are offering surf lovers the chance to go all across Spain and Portugal looking for the best surf spots, keeping always the freedom that only a Campervan can give.

North-South route in Spain

We are sure that Atlantic Surf Route is offering a brand-new option. Now you have the chance to make a linear path: you can pick up your Campervan at one point on the Iberian Peninsula and return it at another one. We have now opened a new base in the North of Spain (in Oviedo, Asturias), which will give service to travelers arriving there by plane (both Santander SDR and Oviedo-Asturias OVD). And we maintain the other one in the South, in Cádiz (Andalusia), expanding the delivery área to Seville (SVQ) and Jerez (XRY).

That’s how we can offer a lot of unique tracks, from North to South and from South to North, all along the Atlantic Coast of Spain and Portugal. This will allow you to take a tour that includes the best surf spots in Europe and you can do it always from your Campervan with no kilometres of boring asphalt. Guaranteed!

atlantic surf route

Caracolvan , fresh ideas with old VW

Caracolvan Campervan Rental ( was born in Cádiz (Andalucía, Spain) in 2011. It combines the passion for classic cars with the pleasure of travelling in a Campervan. And this has had a name for many years: VW Camper. That’s why Caracolvan has started offering different versions of the German Campervan, VW T2 and T3  from the ’70s and ‘80s.

In 2013 we added to our fleet some new campervans to give our customers the chance to make longer trips without losing the Campervan freedom spirit, which is the main objective. Concepts such as air conditioning or power steering firstly appeared, something imposible to find in a classical Volkswagen and very demanded by many long-trip travelers.

With this new “Long distance Campervans” on our garage we thought about Atlantic Surf Route. We thought it would be great to give our customers the chance to make a long-distance trip in a fully-equipped Campervan, so they could enjoy an unforgettable experience without worrying about hotels or restaurants. We wanted the surf lovers to enjoy every wave, every day.

That’s how Atlantic Surf Route was born. We hope that you find everything that you need to organize your best holiday in one of our fully-equipped Campervans.

campervan vw t2 spain

Who is behind Atlantic Surf Route?

Nacho Fernández del Blanco
Some years ago, Nacho became a pioneer when he started up Caracolvan, a company specialized in classic VW Campervan rental. Now it’s time to make a big step towards offering longer journeys to look for the best waves in Europe…. But, very important: the spirit of the legendary Volkswagen Campervan remains intact!

Elías Domingo
Passionate about traveling, sports and Nature, Elías discovered long ago that the best way to travel is the one everyone prefers. Now, with this new project, he has the opportunity to share with travelers around the world his passion and, of course, make them enjoy an unforgettable holiday all around the Atlantic Coast. Be careful: he wants you to enjoy every day, every wave!