Atlantic Surf Route, One of the best surf trip of my life

Good morning, my name is David and I’m from San Fernando, Cádiz. Took 25 of the almost 40 years that I obsessed with this sport, SURFING and when I saw I could rent one van to make this route knew I had to do it, he had always dreamed of having a van and make a trip like this, as many of us, and although I have been in Portugal and the north more than once, even abroad in emblematic places like Bali or Mexico, a route well … at your own pace, unhurried, no flights, no obligations was always in my head, so I mentioned it to two friends and got ready to do it.

I’m not the best surfer in the world technically speaking, but my goal has never been to be “good”, my challenge has always been to enjoy as the first day I entered the water and that’s what really matters, right? In this surf trip in Spain further it changed my perspective. On the one hand I surfed wave longboard quiet, long, with glassy conditions, almost perfect and idyllic places like Rodiles, Salinas, Malpica, Lagide, Figeira Foz, Ribera de Illa or Caños de Meca but at the same time I wanted to confront shortboard the challenges that thought they were beyond my capabilities. Some of the best waves in Europe as Mundaka, Meñakoz, Supertubos, Pedra Branca, Beliche or Trafalgar with strong conditions and that I have made even rejuvenate even psychologically.

It has been one of the best surf trips of my life and not just to surf almost every day. We have seen spectacular scenery along the route, breathtaking sunsets, made friends forever Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia (the roll between van people is special). Enjoyed the spectacle of the pros in Supertubos with incredible conditions, We were the first in the water taking SOLITARY waves dream with perfect conditions (the feeling of waking and in three minutes be in some of the best waves without people is unmatched) and what about the cuisine of the entire route …. a delight.


Overall, a great experience. Disconnect from routine, you have time for everything, park the stress and enter “enjoyment mode”, you can move anywhere, anytime, etc …. But most of all because you need not have a great level because you´ll find  all types of waves, reefs, sizes, etc. The limit you put it on you.
Besides vans are very new and are perfectly prepared. A real pleasure.


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